Around The Web

I hitched a ride with a vending machine repair man
He says he’s been down this road more than twice
He was high on intellectualism
I’ve never been there but the brochure looks nice
Jump in, let’s go
Lay back, enjoy the show
Everybody gets high, everybody gets low,
These are the days when anything goes

– Sheryl Crow

Two days until the 4th of July. Here’s to hoping that none of you blow off fingers doing dumb things with fire works. We can’t make the same wish for us here because we aren’t that smart ourselves. Here’s what is going on around the web for 7-2-13.

  • So Brooke Hogan got engaged.  The shocking part of the story is that it wasn’t to  her dad.  Nope, some Dallas Cowboys player.  I look forward to inappropriate pictures by the Hulkster from Brooke’s honeymoon.  (Too Fab)
  • Holy cripes, you have to check out Lana Del Ray.  Photos of her filming her latest video were released and I hate to say this, but she might want to think about putting on more clothes.  (Evil Beat)
  • One person’s take on the 10 best and 5 worst movies so far of 2013.  (Pajiba)