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It was a late one last night.  A friend is leaving for London shortly and his going away party was last night (and early this morning apparently).  So I’m not cooking with all the burners on this morning.

So here’s what is going on around the web for 8-8-13.


  • Yesterday I posted about Stephan Colbert’s hilarious rant against MTV and Daft Punk over MTV refusing to allow the group to appear on his show.  All of our video links got shut down.  Well here’s some more.  If you haven’t seen the dance, it’s a must see.  (Celebitchy)
  • It’s been a pleasure to know you Mark Wahlberg.  I say that because he called out Justin Beiber for being a punk.  You don’t want to anger a million children of the Beibers.  (Fish Wrapper)
  • Lady Gaga going for the creepy insane person look and pretty much nailing it.  Anyone else see a slight resemblance to Liz Phair?  (Bohomoth)
  • Who likes short shorts?  Victoria Secret model Jessica Hart that’s who.  She was on one of the CBS lingerie shows so this counts as TV news, barely.  (G Celeb)
  • The sea was angry that day my friends, like an old man trying to send back soup in a deli.  What a classic Seinfeld episode that maybe Tara Reid should watch before talking about marine biology.  (Pop Bytes)
  • More news on the Simon Cowell affair with his friend’s wife.  Turns out it’s been going on quite awhile.  (Amy Grindhouse)
  • If you feel the need to see more, and I truly mean more, of Anthony Weiner’s mistress, click the link.  The link is safe, the website itself may cause your work’s security alarms to go off.  (Drunken Stepfather)
  • Hot actress of the day – Miranda Frigon from Primeval: New World.

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