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Wednesday’s Random Links

  1. MTV cancels AMERICA’S BEST DANCE CREW.  This is presumably to clear the way to start showing more music videos (Is My Show Cancelled)
  2. Mega buzz – new love interests on your favorite shows (TV Guide)
  3. What will TV look like in the future (TV Addict)
  4. Wow, what happened to Matt Lauer (Celeb Bitchy)
  5. She’s single – hot actress Selena Gomez – I don’t get it FYI (

Bonus Post:
I’ve only recently learned of the phenomenon called dog shaming.  Well, apparently Lauren Conrad is the latest to get into the game.  I know some consider it to be animal abuse, but I find it to be fall out of my chair funny.

Anyway, because this is America, of course there is an entire website dedicated to the fine art of dog shaming.  Here’s a link, I may have to add it to my favorites.