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Strumming my pain with his fingers, singing my life with his words.  Killing me softly with his song, killing me softly with his song. Telling my whole life with his words.  Killing me softly with his song.  Roberta Flack

Stupid Heat, cry a little more about every call.  Here’s what is going on around the web.  Happy Wednesday.

  • In technology is great news, remember back before cells phones and texting, you know when it was safe to drive a car because every single woman in a minivan was not on the phone?  Now everyone does everything by texting, including how Russell Brand informed Katie Perry that he wanted a divorce.  In the old days, you would have had to write her a letter or man up and tell her to her face.  (Celeb Bitchy)
  • Yesterday I discussed how The Client List was in trouble because Jennifer Love Hewitt is pregnant and they don’t exactly know how to portray a pregnant sex trade worker.  Well she went on Ellen to explain in a dress that barely could contain her.  Are lesbians into boobs as much as straight guys?  (G Celeb)
  • As a public service to our female readers, please be aware that dating Chris Brown is addicting and bad for your health.  Just ask Rihanna who’s considering a six week program to overcome her addiction (I kid you not, follow the link).  I don’t know that going cold turkey is the best plan.  Maybe ween yourself with a little John Mayer.  You know he’ll still mistreat you, but not as bad.  (Starcasm)
  • Dammit Melissa Etheridge, I like your music but your latest statements are making me defend Angelina Jolie.  Melissa said that Jolie’s recent decisions about her cancer were fearful and not brave because cancer comes from inside you based on the environment you create for your body.  What?  Isn’t that close to saying that if a woman is raped she won’t get pregnant?  I’m pretty sure a Senator just got in trouble for that.  (Hollywoodite)
  • Hot actress of the day – Maria Bello from Touch.  (Joblo)