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Starry, starry night.  Paint your palette blue and grey, look out on a summer’s day, with eyes that know the darkness in my soul.  Don McLean

Don wrote probably 2 of the best songs of all time with Vincent and American Pie.  And now you know the rest of around the web for Friday!

  • Father’s day is just around the corner.  What do you get the dad who has everything?  How about the bikini Farrah Abraham wore on the cover of her porn video Backdoor Teen Mom.  Could someone please explain to me why in the hell you would want that and what your plans are to do with it?  (Starcasm)
  • There’s a new scandal brewing and it could be a good one.  If you are to believe In Touch Magazine, Kanye West is rumored to be cheating on Kim Kardashian – with a man.  We should have known, all the signs were there.  He frequents the clubs, has his own clothing line, and is a good dancer.  I feel so stupid now in hindsight.  Also, is it possible that Kim turned him gay?  (Perez Hilton)
  • Yesterday we learned that Christina Aguilera might be coming back to The Voice next season.  Today she released photos of her posing in a skirt and bra to show how much weight she has lost.  I’m not saying but I’m just saying, there might be as much fabric in the skirt as in the bra, you be the judge.  (I’m Not Obsessed)
  • See now we are starting to get the fallout of shows featuring pregnant teens.  2 pregnant teen moms baby bump pictures were banned from the high school yearbook.  Upon learning the news, one of the teen moms teared up and said, “I didn’t want everyone to ask me why I was crying and stuff.”  Apparently she didn’t listen in health class when they talked about birth control and stuff.  (Parent Herald)