Around the Web

We are heading down the home stretch where a lot of shows are starting to air their season/series finales.  At least the cable channels have a bunch of good shows about to start like Suits, Franklin & Bash, and Burn Notice.

It’s almost Friday and here is what’s going on around the web.  Happy Thursday.

  • You gotta love America.  Farrah Abraham‘s sex tape got almost 4 times the traffic on Vivid Videos website that Kim Kardashian’s had.  She’s parlayed her nakedness into an endorsement deal for Raspberry Tones, a diet pill.  I can’t wait until she get’s a deal for her first children’s book.  (Star Crush)
  • Miley Cyrus showed up to the MET Gala sporting a new, I just stuck my finger in a socket hair style.  Oh, and she’s trying to make fishnets classy.  I suspect there are a lot of pictures of her that she is going to look back on and ask herself what she was thinking.  (The Superficial)
  • Guess who’s on this week’s cover of US Magazine in a bikini?  If you said Kim Kardashian you’d be right.  The headline reads – Kim dares to bare – You Call This Fat?  Way to keep it classy Kim.  (Celeb Bitchy)
  • You get the choice.  Here’s a link to a bunch of celebs without makeup.  The article tries to show how a lot of them are good looking without makeup, and a lot are.  Or, here’s a link to a bunch of celeb doppelgangers.  A lot of them do look a lot a like.
  • Hot actress of the day Anna Torv from Fringe.  (Esquire)