Around The Web

I thought this was funny so I used it instead of the regular around the web image.  At least it’s better than the 8 million pictures of cats that people somehow think are funny.  Oh my goodness a cat in a suit, that’s not right.

Anyway, here is what’s happening around the web for today, Wednesday.


  • This just in, Nicki Minaj says she got to where she is on talent and not by sleeping her way to the top.  I’m not sure I believe her though. On the one hand, she has very little talent so it’s hard to believe she got to where she is on talent alone.  On the other hand, she is scary unattractive.  So I guess it could be true?  (Sohh)
  • I happen to be a fan of Suburgatory and find Jane Levy to be pretty attractive.  Kind of odd to find out that the 23 year recently filed for divorce.  Apparently, she got secretly married to Jaime Cardoso Ferriera who Google has listed as simply “an actor”, but that’s all I could find out about him.  Anyway, they managed to stick it out for 7 long months, which is pretty good in Hollywood.  (TV Guide)
  • Finally it seems like this world is starting to make sense.  Gwyneth Paltrow tops Star Magazine’s list of 20 most hated celebrities.  Kristen Stewart was number 2 on the list and I could have lived with her at #1 as she has no freaking talent and isn’t at all attractive.  But I’m splitting hairs here, they are both awful.  (Fox News)
  •  I’ll give you the choice today (and remember we can see which ones you click on).  Here’s a link to an inappropriate photo shoot of Kendall Jenner in bathing wear even though she’s only 17 or here’s a link to a a photo of Jessica Alba making a common wardrobe mistake.
  • Hot actress of the day – AJ Cook from Criminal Minds. (Lazy Girls)