Around The Web

I’m on your side when times get rough and friends just can’t be found.  Like a bridge over troubled water I will lay me down.  Simon & Garfunkel

Here’s the haps around the web for Wednesday.

  • Oh now so now Kim Kardashian doesn’t want cameras to follow her?  She recently refused to allow cameras at her divorce proceedings.  Does this mean the woman who has had every scripted moment of her life filmed has something to hide?  Her soon to be ex Kris Humphries has said he welcomes cameras.  So what gives Kim?  (Hollywoodite)
  • I hesitate to discuss this next story, but I know so many of you are fascinated with side boob that I feel I’d be letting you down.  Especially when you consider that side boob is Taylor Swifts (talk about your Golden Globes).  If you believe the rumors about her to be true, I just got farther with her than Harry Styles.  (Dailymail)
  • Speaking of Harry Styles, it appears he has decided to go in a different direction.  No this isn’t about his band, it’s about his dating preferences.  It appears he and Kei$ha have been exchanging texts talking about getting together.  How long will I have to wait for his autobiography where he compares Taylor Swift and Kei$ha?  (Standard)
  • As guys, we are often accused of being juvenile and adolescent over here.  So in an effort to give back to the ladies, here’s a link to an article about a recently released French study that says bras are bad for breasts.  You’re welcome ladies, feel free to burn em.  (Regretfully Morning)
  •  Hot actress of the day – Erica Cerra from Eureka.  (Maxim)