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Best of Around the WebWhen the world never seems to be livin up to your dreams and suddenly you’re finding out the Facts of Life are all about you, you.

Here’s the facts from Around The Web for a cold and rainy Midwestern Wednesday.
  • Oh MTV, you give us such good programming and I’m not talking about Buckwild.  No, a former “star” from the show Teen Mom, Farrah Abraham, has just completed filming of her first movie.  It happens to be a full on porno movie, but hey, it’s tough out their for out of work reality TV stars.  Just ask Octomon.  Oh, and to promote her new movie, she is posing in a bunch of different bathing suits.  (The Superficial)
  • For all you Nerdverts (combo nerd and pervert) Emma Watson has recently started taking pole dancing classes to “stay fit”.  She says the whole thing has given her a new respect for strippers.  I’m thinking she’s doing it wrong, cause every time I’ve been to a strip club, I seem to get less respect for strippers.  (Toronto Sun)
  • Rumors have been floating around that Seth Macfarlane and Charlize Theron are dating.  However, Macfarlane reps have been quick to point out that they are just friends.  “She’s not even his type” is the quote from his people.  Really?  Charlize Theron is not your type?  That could only mean Seth is in love with the big plushy bear from Ted.  (Too Fab)
  • The Bill Gates Foundation offers a $100,000 grant to anyone who can improve upon the functionality of condoms.  So this guy built a slingshot condom applicator.  Problem solved.  (Double Viking)
  • Hot actress of the day – Jamie Lynn Sigler from Guys With Kids.  (Maxim)