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It’s Wednesday and here is what’s going on around the web.

  • Finally, an article about how some TV husband/boyfriends are too good to be true and put unrealistic expectations on us real men.  It’s a nice change of pace from the way TV constantly glorifies the average woman.  (TV Guide)
  • I don’t do this often as I like to keep it tasteful.  Generally, I try to find stories and make some type of smart aleck remark for your amusement.  Not this time, nope.  Kate Beckinsale is on vacation and in a bikini.  Your welcome.  (The Superficial)
  • Back to the class – Princess Dianna.  Back in the day she was on my 5 free list (ask your parents or look it up).  This story makes me like her even more.  She once hung out with Freddy Mercury at a gay bar dressed as a man.  She knew how to party.  (Bohomoth)
  • One author’s opinion on the 25 dumbest rules in sports.  I don’t agree with him on the dropped third strike, I believe that’s a good one.  But offsides in Hockey needs to go.  There’s no offsides in basketball and the game seems to work fine.  Anyway, go check out the other offending rules.  (Bleacher Report)
  • Cute actress of the day – Mary Lynn Rajskub from 24.  (Ask Men)