Around The Web

Best of Around the WebIt’s spring break and Midwest Mo is on vacation.  Here are some best of around the web for 3-26-13.


  • Jennifer Love Hewitt proves she’s a woman in her new Client List promo reads the TV Guide headline.  Not being a woman, I’m not sure how she plans to prove to us she’s a woman.  What, is she going to do the job for 80 cents on the dollar of what a man would make?  Nope, she strips down to her underwear and dances around provocatively for a couple of minutes.  Let that be a lesson to all the women out there.  If you ever feel you have something to prove, strip down to your underwear and dance around.  If nothing else, it will get attention.  (TV Guide)
  • We received a bunch of comments from our female fans about how they liked the Matthew Terry Calvin Klein commercial but thought he might be gay.  I just spent 20 minutes searching the web trying to find out if he is indeed gay (I’m not sure what has become of my life at this point).  So to Midwest Melissa and Julie, I couldn’t find any confirmation one way or the other as to his relationship status.  Here’s a link to more pics.  Please click it while I go find Catherine Bell photos to look at.  (Gay.Net)
  • Evan Rachel Wood discusses how she loves both men and women.  Go read about it if you need to get the thoughts of a 25 year old narcissistic crazy person.  She made her statements on Twitter and they kind of read like somebody who is on something.  (Just Jared)
  • We’ve finally hit rock bottom.  A new show called Top Hookers is coming out this Summer.  I understand that to some it’s known as the world’s oldest profession and that even Jesus was known to associate with them, but do we really need this type of show?  I’m talking about fishing by the way, what were you thinking the show was about?  You seriously need to consider some of your life choices that have gotten you to this point.  (TV Guide)
  •  Hot actress of the day – Toks Olagundoye from The Neighbors.  (AALBC)