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Best of Around the WebIf you could only see the way she loves me then maybe you would understand.  Why I feel this way about our love and what I must do.  Tonic

Here’s what is going on around the web for Tuesday.

  • So LeAnn Rimes says she feels like there’s been a piece of tape over her mouth for a while.  Really?  You seem to make some crazy statement about your affair with a married man every day.  Is there something you’ve been holding back?  If so, maybe I don’t know, write a song about it.  Maybe perform it somewhere.  You know like your job.  Just saying.  (Celeb Bitchy)
  • So last week Tiger’s ex-wife announce she was dating some billionaire guy.  Well this week it’s Tiger’s turn to announce he is dating Lindsey Vonn.  Take a look at the picture of them together.  She kind of looks like his ex.  It appears they both have a type, he likes blonds and she likes billionaires.  (Bitten and Bound)
  • Apparently Olympian Ryan Lochte is having trouble meeting chicks.  How else would you explain him being on a looking for love reality show.  Thank god I’m married if guys like him are having a hard time out there.  ( Celebrity Gossip)
  • Former American Idol contestant Sanjaya was recently spotted singing for money in a NY City subway.  That right there should help demonstrate the problem with American Idol.  They can’t find talented singers.  How long until we see Nicki Minaj asking if we want fries with that?  (Celebrity Cafe)
  • Hot actress of the day – Christina Moore from That 70’s Show.  She happens to be a Midwest girl born in Palatine, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago.  (Maxim)