Around the Web 01 14 2014

around_the_webIt all goes back to something my grandmother told me when I was a kid.  “Holden”, she said, “the big bucks are in the dick and fart jokes.”  She was a church goer.
-Chasing Amy

Tomorrow is a full moon, so you know people are going to be certifiably crazy today.  So best of luck steering clear… don’t forget to check out what’s going on around the web 01 14 2014.  If nothing else, do it for the kids.

  • In hotdog-down-a-hallway news, Octomom (or I guess technically quattuordecamom, but who’s counting) NADYA SULEMAN was officially charged with welfare fraud in her home state of California.  Let this be a teachable moment for all you single mothers out there trying to make a quick buck: self-love porno money only goes so far when you have fourteen mouths to feed. (The Smoking Gun)
  • What is the latest comic book property being adapted for television?  I’m super-excited about this one because I was such a fan of the movie.  People are starting to say that there is an oversaturation of comic characters in media and to that I say “nay nay”, I would watch these kind of shows every day as long as they put as small amount of production value into it.  (Collider)
  • Fun fact of the day: E’s caption writers need to head to sensitivity training. Those people have some gall… how many times have they jumped in a Delorean and travelled through time with Christopher Lloyd?!  I doubt they could ride a hoverboard if they tried.  Prepare to witness approximately 1.21 gigawatts of stupidity…
    (Seriously OMG)
  • Speaking of offensive, it seems like some critics are up in arms about LEAH DUNHAM being randomly naked on her HBO series GIRLS.  Let me level with you here… she’s no JENNIFER LAWRENCE or anything (I think I just heard MIDWEST MO scratching his head in confusion), but in fact she is female and she is nude, so most dudes should be at least marginally interested if not for morbid curiosity’s sake.  Here’s the article about the debacle (Daily Life), here’s the NSFW links (Every Joe).
  • Ok, so that last post was relatively inappropriate, so allow me to make it up to you with KATE UPTON’s latest photoshoot for V-Magazine, or what I would like to subtitle “Things Best Measured with a Yardstick” (Egotastic)

Hot (or possibly chilly?) actress of the day: MICHELLE MONAGHAN from TRUE DETECTIVE (Mandatory)

Around the Web - 01 14 2014