Around The Web 01 13 2014

Now that we found found love what are we gonna do with itOne two, tell me what you got let me slip my quarters inside your slot to hit the jackpot.  Rev me up Rev me up my little buttercup.  We can tug sheets snuggle up and get stuck.  Heavy D

Watching Peyton Manning say the word Omaha at least 100 times during his cadence got me thinking.  The NFL is really leaving money on the table here.  Why not have him say Master Card or Sprint instead.  I know the NFL wants to squeeze every possible ad dollar out of it’s product, I can’t believe they haven’t thought of this.

Here’s around the web 01 13 2014

  • It has got to be hard out there for an aging former pretend lifeguard.  How else can you explain Pamela Anderson getting remarried to her third ex-husband.  Does Vegas have an over/under for this one yet?  (Rickey)
  • Kaley Cuoco and Melissa Rauch grab their golden globes at some awards event last night.  (Amy Grindhouse)
  • Looks like Gwyneth Paltrow forgot the middle part of her top.  (Fishwrapper)
  • In you’re late to the party news this website is claiming that Debby Ryan is your new Selena Gomez.  FYI, I had Debby at #12 on 20 Under 20 list about 8 months ago.  Nice try super huge website.  (The Superficial)
  • Here’s the ever so boring Jennifer Lawrence at the Golden Globes.  I continue to not understand the fascination with her.  (Popoholic)
  • Now here’s a hot actress – Rachel Leigh Cook at some award thing that’s not the Golden Globes.  (Hollywood Tuna)
  • Seems that not much was going on around the web today other than pics of actresses.  So how about the top 20 hottest of Jennifer Love Hewitt.  As one of our bi-curious followers has pointed out, her body is a wonderland.  (Heavy)
  • Congratulations to Andy Samberg on winning a Golden Globe for his role on Brooklyn Nine-Nine.  We’ve loved the show over here since day 1, now will the rest of you start watching it please.  (Zap 2 It)
  • Hot actress of the day – Leah Remini from King of Queens.

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