Are Women Funny…

To our 8-10 fans, you all know we have recently added a guest contributor to cover those shows that we assume only shut-ins, sociopaths, and head injury victims watch (I’ll let you guess which one MIDWEST MARK is).  It’s an alarmingly large demographic but as you know, we are all about squeezing every dollar out of this site.

Before I completely bury the lead here, we at MWTVG have been discussing whether to bring on female guest contributors.  Some of our concerns include:

  • We are going to have to start tucking our shirts into our pants and hold our stomachs in when she walks by.
  • She will start fixing the site, making it look nice, buying furniture at the store instead of getting it off the curb.  Somehow convincing us that yes, a new flowery paisley border is actually manly.
  • Before we post we will have to consult 20 of our friends to make sure it doesn’t hurt anyone’s feelings.
  • She will say our articles are “O.K.” or “Fine” and we all know what that means.  Wait, maybe that ones on us.

Even with all the negatives, there are so many shows that normal guys and MIDWEST MARK just don’t watch because, well, we are guys.  So we have decided to open the site up to female guest contributors.

However ladies, if you visit this site with any regularity (and we know you are for some reason) and you’ve made it this far into this godforsaken rambling post, you know that we strive for nothing but top notch commentary (while we strive for it, we know it’s generally 4th grade humor, we are huge in the middle school demo).

If you look around other websites, all the posts focus on just recapping the shows.  We aren’t looking for book reports over here.  That’s not what our 8-10 followers have come to expect.

So, what’s in it for you if you join the MWTVG team?  First, your name will be attached to all your posts (we certainly won’t want our name on it) so all your friends will know how smart and thin you are and how you are doing way better then them.  Second, if we ever get to a point where we actually pay our contributors, we guarantee you will receive at least 80% of our male contributors.


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  1. Ha! Your best post yet, Midwest Mo. I’m sure you’ll find the right funny girl who watches a ton of Desperate Housewives-type shows and is anxious to be paid 80% of $0. And it is true: You MidwestTV guys do need to go find a broom for around here, if you don’t mind me sayin’.

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