Archer Returns!

sterling archerHands down the funniest show on TV has finally returned.  Words cannot describe (although that won’t stop me from continuing to type) my happiness at the return of Archer.

The show stars the hilariously funny H. Jon Benjamin, who I have also said is one of the funniest guys on TV, as secret agent Sterling Archer.  Archer works for the spy agency ISIS along with fellow agents and underlings played by Aisha Tyler (Curb your Enthusiasm), Chris Parnell (SNL), Judy Greer (Tons of funny things), and Jessica Walter (Arrested Development).  If you like things that are funny, you should be watching this show.  If you don’t like things that are funny, you should watch this show to learn about funny things which will help improve how others think of you.

Tonight’s premiere episode dealt with Sterling Archer’s amnesia and they did so with a fantastic crossover with one of Jon Benjamin’s other shows, Bob’s Burgers (which not only stars Jon Benjamin, but also has the hysterical Kristen Schaal and is a show you should also be watching).  Bob’s Burgers airs on Fox, which owns FX, so the crossover was not only funny, it was good business sense (or at least that’s what I’m told crossovers do for you).  Anyway, I loved it.  If you are a fan of Archer, you are thrilled that the show is back and you are my kind of people.

As for the other kind of people, the ones who don’t watch this show, what can I say?  With all the crap that is out there on TV, how can you not be watching this show?  Archer airs on The FX Network on Thursdays at 9:00.  Do yourself a favor and add this to your DVR.

Here are some best of moments of Sterling Archer for your entertainment.