Anna Gunn Op Ed on Playing Skylar White

anna gunnFans of AMC’s Breaking Bad will no doubt know who Skylar White is.  She is the wife of the “hero” of Breaking Bad, Walter White.  If you are a fan of Breaking Bad, you probably have a pretty strong opinion one way or another on Skylar.  You either love her, or you really really really hate her.  The actress who plays Skylar on Breaking Bad has written an op ed piece on the hatred that has been directed at her.  It’s an interesting read.

I am surprised at the level of hatred that is directed at both Anna Gunn and her character but I don’t agree with the reasons that Gunn provides for why she is so hated.  It’s so cliche for her to claim that she’s a strong woman character so that’s why she is hated.  She whines about how similar male characters don’t face the same level of hatred that she has and says that it is unfair.  I disagree with her premise.

She is on one of the most popular shows on cable TV.  The demographics for this show skews towards younger males.  Does she really think that this age group is going to find the subtle finer points of her portrayal of the poor put upon drug lord’s wife to be appealing?  Or do you think they are going to side with the bad-ass chemistry teacher turned Heisenberg drug dealing ass-kicker?  Hmm.

The hatred that is being directed at Anna Gunn is certainly misplaced and out of line.  The reasons behind it though are not nearly as systemic or onerous as Gunn claims.  She should just relax because in a few more month after Breaking Bad has ended, people will quickly be forgetting about both Skylar White and Anna Gunn.


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  1. It wasn’t a terrible read but it comes off like a big bag of “Woe is me…” Perhaps she can hire Gloria Allred to represent her when she takes AMC to court for pain and suffering. Lastly, in the event that Ms. Anna Gunn is an avid follower of MWTVG, I’m certain that there has been a multitude of male actors who have been reviled for their character choices.

    • Midwest Mike // August 27, 2013 at 12:32 pm //

      I think her perspective is interesting but exactly, I don’t care for your woe is me strong women always get put down baloney. She’s on one of the most popular shows on cable and her character is seen as an antagonist to the show’s “hero”. What would she expect? Does she think the 20 year old dude in the dorm room is going to do a detailed analysis of her character arc?

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