And I Digress… The Dark Knight Rises

MIDWEST MO and MIDWEST MIKE can give as many LES MIS updates as they want to, but allow your beloved MIDWEST MARK to talk about a real man’s movie… THE DARK KNIGHT RISES.

I bring it up mainly because it dominated my television screen tonight after picking up the Best Buy blu-ray steelbook exclusive.  If you haven’t seen THE DARK KNIGHT RISES yet, the movie is terrific and a perfect end to far and away the best trilogy of Batman movies yet.  No hate at all for the original two, and no hate for BATMAN FOREVER which I have the fondest memories of.  Moderate amounts of hate for BATMAN AND ROBIN for being the fruitiest of the bunch and introducing us to a completely inept Bane.

But not so in TDKR… TOM HARDY absolutely owns the movie.  For an actor to not have use of the entire lower half of his face and still deliver the best performance of the film takes some serious chops.  As far as Batman villains go, I would put TOM HARDY’S Bane even above HEATH LEDGER’S Joker for the pure intensity injected into every frame.

As far as ANNE HATHAWAY and Catwoman are concerned, I was overly skeptical about the princess from THE PRINCESS DIARIES being 10 yards away from the set let alone starring in the movie, but I couldn’t have been more off-base.  ANNE HATHAWAY was great as Selina Kyle and nailed both the no-nonsense attitude and the smooth feline sexiness of the character.  Interesting to note that they never actually referred to her as “Catwoman” in the movie.

Some folks have critiqued the soundtrack as being too intense and the timing of the final scenes being unrealistic, but none of that would have dawned on me if I hadn’t read about it later.  I just wish that CHRISTOPHER NOLAN wouldn’t have cut out the Bane backstory scenes like he did as the character could use a tad more explanation than he received.

I have one tiny gripe about the aesthetics which was alot more evident at home than at the theater.  Only a few chunks of the movie were filmed in IMAX while the rest was filmed standard.  When it cuts in and out of IMAX segments, the black letterbox bars pop up and go away.  Not extremely distracting, but strange when I noticed it.

If you have not seen this movie yet, please do so right now.  Call in sick to work tomorrow if need be.  Tell your boss that MIDWEST MARK gave you permission.  It’s a must-watch movie of the year and (in my opinion) overall superior to THE AVENGERS.

4.8/5 and holds the high distinction as the “best damn action sequence ever” from my beloved Midwest Wife.  Also holds the high distinction of being the first show other than Elmo that my son (19 months old) thinks is awesome.  I must be raising him right!