An Exciting Pair of Renewals

1002742_1_0_prm-generic2_1024x640Good news from the renewal front… yesterday HBO gave word that TRUE BLOOD has been renewed for a seventh season and just today, SHOWTIME announced that their new hit show RAY DONOVAN has officially been renewed for a second season.

RAY DONOVAN is officially SHOWTIME’S highest rated original series ever, so it is no surprise that it was renewed quickly.  Although I found the pilot to be a bit uneven, the subsequent episodes have been much more focused and pretty darn terrific, so it looks like RAY DONOVAN will be a keeper.  I can’t recommend it enough if you have not yet caught up with it.  JON VOIGHT’S performance is outstanding, and LIEV SCHREIBER isn’t far behind.

TRUE BLOOD, on the other hand was much lower on my priority list this season but is ending up as a decent surprise.  Perhaps even turning the corner (in a pretty major way) from the all-but-guaranteed trainwreck of a trajectory it was on.  The last two episodes have been downright entertaining, and that’s alot to say for a show I nearly wrote off entirely at the end of last season.  The “Billith” bit is still strange, but I love how they handled Andy’s fairy children, ROBERT KAZINSKY is a great addition to the cast, and RYAN KWANTEN is keeping true to his hilarious/dumb-jock Jason Stackhouse character.

Now to see if MAGIC CITY can overcome a few hurdles to get re-upped for a third season…