Amish Mafia Signals the End for us All

Photo courtesy of The Discovery Channel.

Now that Thanksgiving is over, we are on the downhill slide towards the end of the world on December 21.  Time is running out and there are more and more signs pointing to the end.  2 BROKE GIRLS, WHITNEY, and HERE COMES HONEY BOO BOO remain on TV daring the Mayan gods to smite us.  Then Hostess goes out of business and removes the one thing that was going to survive a nuclear apocalypse, the Twinkie, and we are left defenseless against what is coming.  All the signs are there people.

Photo courtesy of The Discovery Channel.

On December 12, just 9 short days before the end of the world, Discovery Channel will be premiering a new show that I believe will usher in the end times, AMISH MAFIA.  Apparently these guys are the “protectors” of the Lancaster Amish Community who, after suffering a terrible attack back in 2006, turned to a group of protectors to mete out Amish justice and protect the community.

After the stories have come out about BREAKING AMISH being fake, I would not be surprised to find out this is fake too.  I just don’t believe that the Amish are giving this kind of access to TV producers.  So we are to believe that this community, that is so committed to their values that they don’t use power tools, don’t drive cars, don’t believe in electricity, and don’t use telephones, all of a sudden wants a TV show to come in and document their daily lives and the underground “mafia” that controls them?  Come on.  If that is true, then we all deserve what is coming for us on December 21.

Here is the preview video from Discovery Channel about the show:


AMISH MAFIA premieres on the Discovery Channel Wednesday December 12 at 8pm.