American Idol 2014

american idol 2014

american idol 2014I haven’t watched American Idol in a long time. I really got tired of them mocking people who clearly had mental issues and it felt like the show was more of a circus parade then an actual talent show. The success of William Hung was a blessing and a curse for Idol. After that train wreck got popular, every other contestant trying out for Idol was trying to be the next William Hung. It got to be too much and the shtick between the judges was old and boring. I, like millions of others (judging from the ratings), left American Idol and stopped caring.

Being that I was so done with Idol, I don’t know what it is that made me think to give American Idol 2014 a chance. Maybe it’s that I’ve been gone for a long time and I’m not so irritated by it. Maybe it’s that the judges have completely changed out since I last watched. Maybe it’s that I was supposed to go to the gym and I was looking for just about any excuse I could find to get out of that. It could be all of those reasons, it could be just one. I don’t know for sure why, but I sat down to watch the premiere tonight of American Idol 2014.

This year’s iteration of American Idol features two judges who have been there before and one new judge, Harry Connick Jr. He joins Keith Urban, who was a judge last year during the Nicki Minaj/Mariah Carey disaster, and Jennifer Lopez, who was a judge in seasons ten and eleven. Let me just take a moment to say how much I love Harry Connick. I own just about all of his albums and have been a fan for many years. The fact that he was joining the judge panel played a role in bringing me back to the show for sure.

The two hour premiere episode of American Idol 2014 took place in Boston for the first hour and Austin, TX for the second hour. I tuned in with remote in hand ready to switch the channel at the first sign of anything from the past that I hated. The first time they brought a circus act on to the state to humiliate them, I was going to be out. Surprisingly, that didn’t happen. They kept it to actual try outs and I was actually getting back in to watching the show. There were people who made it in front of the judges that didn’t get voted through to Hollywood but none of them were train wrecks. All were pretty close and the ones (who were shown on TV) who didn’t make it were given the news without making fun of them or attempting to destroy them. I loved that they were getting back to just making it about whether people could sing or not.

After the first week of American Idol 2014 I can say that I am tentatively back in to the show. I wasn’t blown away by any of the contestants this week but it is still very early in the competition. Harry Connick was great as a judge. He gave good feedback to everyone, even if he wasn’t going to vote them through. Even J-Lo was able to give difficult criticism. Keith Urban though? Maybe he is still battle scarred from his experience last year because as my wife said, he is the Paula Abdul of this judging cast. He couldn’t say anything negative to anyone.

Here are some of the auditions from tonight:

American Idol 2014 Auditions


American Idol 2014 will be back again tomorrow night for night two of the premiere. They will be back in Austin for the first hour and in San Francisco for the second hour. I’ll be watching. How about you? Did you watch the premiere tonight? What did you think? Have you been gone like I was or have you been watching all along? Be sure to share your thoughts.