American Horror Story

One pleasant surprise from last fall was the first season of AMERICAN HORROR STORY developed even more surprisingly from the same guys that did GLEE. As frightening and unsettling as GLEE is (was? Is it even still on?), AMERICAN HORROR STORY delivered on almost every level giving some genuinely creepy and nightmare inducing moments.

The first season followed the Harmon family and their lives as it unfolded after moving into a house haunted by more than just ghosts. Connie Britton (now thoroughly enjoyed by Midwest Mike as a country singer on NASHVILLE) and Dylan McDermott (THE PRACTICE) played the Harmon parents with other notable performances by Jessica Lange (creepy next door neighbor) and Evan Peters (ghost boyfriend to the Harmon daughter).

 For the second season, we ditch the Harmons completely now that they all died (belated spoiler alert) and move into an asylum. Some of the same actors remain, but it’s sad to see both Britton and McDermott (two of the best in my opinion) leaving. More details will come tomorrow after I actually watch it (currently burning circles on my DVR), but I am hopeful that the decision to have each season stand alone doesn’t ruin the show. More to come…