American Horror Story – Unholy Night

It’s Christmas at the asylum!  AMERICAN HORROR STORY delivers what is quite possibly the strangest holiday special of all time.  Set to the soundtrack of creepy Christmas carols and starring Santa Claus, it was a pretty bold move and worked out pretty well.

Not an awful lot of forward momentum on the plot, “Unholy Night” serves as a character exploration more than anything else and continues the LILY RABE, JAMES CROMWELL and JESSICA LANGE extravaganza.

More inside…

IAN MCSHANE guest stars as a psychopathic killer with a Santa complex, and he shines in his role as he always does.  The addition of aliens Anne Frank Santa seemed weird as hell in the previews but ended up being quite entertaining.  Any other Santa actor certainly would not have given the role half the justice of IAN MCSHANE.  Santa’s appearance makes me wonder what’s next on the list of random guests… how about Scooby Doo?  At this point I wouldn’t put it past them.

I think I’ve brought up this issue before, but having been reflecting on the season so far as I have, it seems like AMERICAN HORROR STORY has a massive case of ‘scope creep’ with its random chunks of storyline.  Leaving out the aliens would enable a decent plot setup for next season… but when everything has been done already, how do you keep the show going past a couple/few seasons before either running out of ideas or repeating things?  I hope they figure that out.  I’ll call it right now.  AMERICAN HORROR STORY SEASON 3:  HORRORS IN SPAAAAAACE.

So to briefly recap the episode, Sister Jude finds her way back into the asylum to try and kill Sister Mary Eunice and release her soul to get rid of the devil.  She recruits Dr Arden to help, but he ends up betraying Jude’s trust to show his loyalty to Eunice.  To get even, Sister Mary Eunice locks Jude in a room with Leigh (crazy Santa) and Jude ends up killing him with a letter opener only after he roughs her up.

Meanwhile, Lana finds Kit and tells him all about Dr Threadson framing him as Bloodyface.  She sneaks out of the infirmary to find a phone but found Threadson instead who came back to find her and kill her.  She ends up locking him in one of the cells and vows to return and ‘bury’ him.

Sister Mary Eunice kills Frank because he was getting suspicious of all the deaths, particularly Grace’s.  Oh hey, and guess what comes back?  Aliens!  They beam down (with zero sense or explanation of course) and steal Grace’s body.

Based on the camera work, there was a two-for-one sale on funny-focus camera filters.  I appreciate the attempt at artistry, but for crying out loud…

4/5 overall, let’s start using or losing the freaking aliens already.  DYLAN MCDERMOTT is back next episode by the way!  I sure did miss that guy…