American Horror Story – Tricks and Treats

Clarifying a bit of the mishmash that was episode 1 of the new season of AMERICAN HORROR STORY, episode 2 stood strong with character development and an EXORCIST-ish side story.  There’s still a lot going on with no less than ten storylines happening simultaneously but at least they minimized the alien abduction garbage and went down more traditional horror lines.

Greatly to my chagrin, ADAM LEVINE was not completely dead yet.  For those of you who are anti-fans of Maroon 5 and despise THE VOICE, the first minute of this episode is required watching.  I’m pretty sure he’s dead this time (granted I said the same thing after Maroon 5 released “Hands all Over”).  We’ll see next episode.

This episode taps heavily into the religious horror which is always deeply frightening.  The asylum takes on a new inmate–a boy who is possessed by the devil and has been mutilating animals.  An exorcist is brought in to ‘cure’ him but ends up killing him with his devil-spirit seeming to flow into Sister Mary Eunice.  Some of the inmates try to escape when their cell doors unlock during the ensuing power outage but are all recaptured and severely punished by caning on the buttocks.  Come to think of it, there is an awful lot of butt so far this season… not sure how I feel about that.  Maybe it’s the new definition of television-safe nudity…

There are still tons of out-standing questions like… what are the creatures out in the woods that need to be fed every day?  What happened to the alien robot that crawled out of Kit’s neck?  What is the doctor really doing with his spare time?  Will I ever see Adam Levine again???

“Leatherface minus chainsaw” made another couple of appearances and we can accurately guess that it is not EVAN PETERS.  My guess is the doctor, but that is probably too obvious.  CHLOE SEVIGNY plays a pretty convincing and thus far pointless (+irritating) nymphomaniac.  JAMES CROMWELL plays a fantastic psychopathic doctor and ZACHARY QUINTO returns as the newly hired shrink.

My feeling is that the standout performance is going to be LILY RABE playing the once-innocent now suddenly passive-aggressive Sister Mary Eunice.  Overall, the performances are better than solid coming from recognizable star power which makes me want to come back for more even though the story still doesn’t quite seem fleshed out.

I’ll rate it a 3.8 out of 5 (and climbing)  Who else watches this show?  What are your thoughts so far??