American Horror Story – The Coat Hanger

What better way to celebrate spontaneous recovery from the stomach flu than to gorge myself on homemade chili??  We’ll see how that works in the longer term.  Meanwhile let’s get to it, shall we?

As a quick aside, let me formally welcome MIDWEST MIKE back to the game… and the circle of MWTVG is now complete.  I know most of you were mourning his absence, but fear not… the disappearance and resurrection of MIDWEST MIKE has been fortold for centuries by prophets of old.

(MIDWEST MARK… can we get to AMERICAN HORROR STORY already?) Fine.  Hit the jump for the lowdown on tonight’s episode…

Dylan Mcdermott is (finally) back as a present-day fella named John Morgan who visits a therapist to try and curb his compulsions for torturing animals and skinning women.  He turns out to be the son of Lana and Dr Threadson so he naturally shares his father’s proclivities.

Sister Jude is now formally admitted to the asylum as a patient after being thrown under the bus by Eunice, Monseigneur Howard, Dr Arden and Emerson (Santa Claus).  The Monseigneur strips her of her holy duties and recommends she lives out the rest of her days in confinement.

Sister Mary Eunice tells Lana that she is pregnant which is news that Lana doesn’t take all that well.  I won’t get into the grisly details, but rest assuredly what transpires is NOT for the weak of stomach or most women in general… more or less summed up by the title of the episode.  Thankfully Lana missed because Eunice later tells her that it’s a boy.

Dr Arden finds Kit wandering around and tells him how he saw the aliens abduct Grace’s body.  Arden hypothesizes that they are after Kit for some reason because he is the common thread between his wife’s abduction and Grace.  Kit agrees to be brought to a near-death state so that the aliens can return to take him and so Dr Arden can study them further.

In a great montage, Monseigneur Howard absolves Emerson of his sins and rebaptizes him just before Emerson turns and plunges the Monseigneur’s head into the baptismal font.  Later it is shown that he crucified the Monseigneur on the altar cross and is found barely alive by one of the janitors.

Dr Arden delivers a lethal injection of potassium chloride to Kit’s heart and the alien activity begins immediately.  He leaves his lab to search for them and finds a late term Grace being tended to by Pepper who somehow has something to do with all of this.  At this point, the alien business better have some major mind blowing tie-in to the rest of the plot because it still seems pretty silly.

Funny Sister Jude quote:  “Come on goddammit… give me a cigarette.  I think I’ve earned it”

By the way, that super annoying jingle of a song that we’ll never hear again is called ‘Dominique’ by Soeur Sourire.  The refrain translates roughly as

Dominique, nique, nique
Goes along very simply
Traveling in poverty and singing.
On every road, in every place,
He just talks about the Lord,
He just talks about the Lord.

IAN MCSHANE is a wonderful addition to the cast, and I really hope he continues to guest star for more episodes.  I’m happy to see DYLAN MCDERMOTT come back too, as he was a favorite of mine in the first season.

Now for the gripes:  For as badly as Lana and Kit want to GTFO of town, they do a pretty lousy job at it.  And for Kit to agree so readily to Dr Arden’s plan to “kill” him doesn’t seem fit for the circumstances.  Additionally, Monseigneur Howard is delusional but he’s definitely not stupid.  So letting IAN MCSHANE out of his cuffs in the first place was a fairly boneheaded move.

Minor gripey plot holes aside, this was a great episode in a season that started out rough, had some minor misfires but is overall trending appropriately.  4/5