American Horror Story Season 3 Theme Announced!

urlJust announced over the weekend, Season 3 of AMERICAN HORROR STORY will be officially titled “Coven” and revolve around a group of witches.  Like I suspected (as well as most of you probably suspected too), it was also announced that at least some of the filming will take place in New Orleans.

This news comes on the recent addition of KATHY BATES to the cast of mostly returning actors and actresses from the last two seasons.  Bates and JESSICA LANGE are meant to play opposite of each other as bitter enemies.  Now make that bitter witchy enemies.

Covens and New Orleans?  Fantastic.  I’m envisioning something similar to THE SKELETON KEY which is an excellent take on the witch/voodoo/New Orleans-centric storyline.

In my opinion, Coven makes a little more sense as an overall plotline than Asylum. 
Although I didn’t dislike last season season by any means, I liked the first season a little more taken as a whole.  Granted, there were moments of season 2 that lofted far above the previous attempt, but it was all watered down by lack of focus.  Hopefully the third time is the charm here and they discover that happy medium (witch-related puns intended).

Bear in mind that AMERICAN HORROR STORY: COVEN doesn’t even air until this fall, so there will be plenty to talk about in the meantime.  But I will be excitedly waiting until then.