I am still torn after watching the season two premiere of AMERICAN HORROR STORY as to whether I actually liked it or not.  Granted I sure didn’t hate it quite as much as my wife did, but it certainly seemed to be a jumbled mess of horror clichés haphazardly slapped together and given a fresh coat of varnish.

It was as if there was a long checklist made of things not already done in season one and the consensus was to just do it all.  Forget the haunted house, let’s have a haunted ASYLUM!  The traditional family unit is so 2011, so let’s be edgy and have lesbians and an interracial couple!  How about a bunch of creepy nuns?  An acting vehicle for ADAM LEVINE?  Alien abductions?!?  Genetically altered beasts!  Leatherface minus chainsaw!!  JESSICA LANGE in a red nightie!!!

We can debate endlessly as to which of those is the most horrific.

Thankfully, the last 10 or 15 minutes got much more interesting than the first 45 and Adam Levine’s fleeting attempt at an acting career leaves him both deceased and sans arm, so he’s forced to get back to his old gig of crooning falsetto pickup lines with Maroon 5.  Important to note that he can probably still slay the ladies if he was a quadra-amputee… more power to him.

I semi-remember season one starting off a bit jumbled too, so I will keep following and give season 2 its fair shake.