American Horror Story Renewed!

As at least half of our readership uses MWTVG as their sole source of news, I would like to break to all six of you that FX has renewed AMERICAN HORROR STORY for a third full season of 13 episodes.  And, JESSICA LANGE is confirmed to return along with several other cast members.  I can only hope that LILY RABE, EVAN PETERS and JAMES CROMWELL are among those coming back.

This is great news for fans of AMERICAN HORROR STORY when viewership is up by almost 20% from last season to an average of 5.2 million viewers per week.  Season 1 being as strong as it was and Season 2 finally getting some hefty momentum, I only wonder what Season 3 can possibly bring to the table…

I vote the setting should be a freaky-good blog, but that’s already been done.  The only bad news out of the deal is that we need to wait until next Fall after this season’s finale on January 23rd.

What would you like to see next season??