American Horror Story – Nor’easter

ADAM LEVINE is either part cockroach or the great-great-great-great-(ish)grandson of Grigori Rasputin, because this fella just won’t die.  Now adding a half-dozen stab wounds and blunt force trauma to his dismembered arm, he still somehow performs a full-on take down of “Bloody Face”.  Yes, the guy that sings “Payphone” like a girl is pretty hardcore.  But, whoever said that “you can’t keep a good man down” obviously never tried bullets, because that’s exactly what put him down.  And quickly.  Based on precedent, he’ll be back next week for sure.

A severe storm blew into town, and instead of locking everybody up in their cells (which would have made sense), Sister Jude figured it was perfect timing for movie night.  Good job getting a bunch of jumpy crazies into one room during a thunderstorm.  A Hispanic patient sees Sister Mary Eunice for what she really has become and in a particularly good scene, Sister Mary Eunice murders her for more mutant-food.

Kit, Lana and Grace decide to make another break for it and actually make it outside this time, but quickly discover that there’s more to fear outside than there is inside.  Meanwhile, CHLOE SEVIGNY’S character gets caught by the doctor when she tries to follow the group and… well… all I have to say is poor Chloe Sevigny.

This episode had extremely strong performances by JESSICA LANGE, LILY RABE, and JAMES CROMWELL, the latter of whom is one sick and twisted SOB.  I might add that this show is absolutely not for the squeamish or easily offended and if there was a Super-Ultra-TV-MA rating made, this show would be a pretty solid candidate for it.  Not that it’s a bad thing necessarily, but the more extreme stuff might really turn off some viewers that would otherwise love the show.

One thing I noticed this time that I must have overlooked last time is that FREDRIC LEHNE plays one of the security guards, but is so heavily edited out you hardly can tell it’s him.  I loved him as ‘ol yellow eyes in SUPERNATURAL season 2 and he’s been in all sorts of other stuff, it’s just too bad that they aren’t using him to his full potential.

I’m not a huge fan of the extraterrestrial elements quite yet but am interested to see how it all weaves in to the rest of the story.  Among Bloody Face killers, devil-nuns, crazed doctors and forest mutants, it seems like an odd choice.

But based on this week’s episode, AMERICAN HORROR STORY has really found its stride this season.  4.2 out of 5