American Horror Story – I am Anne Frank

Subtitle:  “Excuse Me??”

In what ends up being one of the most confusing storyline choices I’ve seen in a very long time, none other than Anne Frank (you read correctly) ends up being admitted to the asylum.  And that’s exactly where this episode lost me.  Anne Frank???  Why even go there?

Anne Frank out of the attic

So upon meeting the other inmates, Ms. Frank recognizes Dr Arden as a former Nazi doctor that performed crazy experiments on the folks in Auschwitz.  He (obviously) denies the allegations, but it makes Sister Jude start to explore Dr Arden’s past a little deeper.

I suppose that linking Dr Arden to the Nazis is a good idea, but bringing in Anne Frank to do so is borderline stupid.   Why not use ANY other character to do so?  I think that decision alone ended up really hurting the otherwise above-grade episode.

Following other storylines, Dr Threadson puts Lana into treatment to essentially ‘pray the gay away’ while Kit finds out why Grace was really admitted into the asylum.  The Grace flashbacks were quite good and added a healthy dose of ‘creep-factor’ into the episode.

To continue the “poor CHLOE SEVIGNY” idea from last episode, she continues to be experimented on an tortured by Dr Arden and is found by Anne in the last seconds of the episode disfigured and mutated, pleading with her to die.   Certainly one of the more unsettling scenes so far.

Again, good episode but ridiculous character choice.  2.3/5  And next week is “I am Anne Frank pt. 2″… Whoop-de-freaking-do.

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  1. I’m having a very hard time with this season. Aliens, Bloody Face, and Anne Frank just don’t fit together very well. We’ll see what the next episode comes up with, but i’m not overly hopeful!!!

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