American Horror Story – I am Anne Frank Pt. 2

I am Anne Frank Pt. 2 brings a guest director ALFONSO GOMEZ-REJON back from a couple of episodes in season 1, also working on GLEE and second unit work for ARGO and BABEL.  He does much more experimental/artsy stuff with the camerawork, employing a lot of closeups, camera filtered flashbacks and wide angle lenses.  Admittedly, the effect was hit-and-miss.  The first half of the episode was mostly ho-hum, but the second half delivered big time.

Anne Frank ends up not really being Anne Frank, merely an obsessive-compulsive loonball with post-partum depression who read too many books.  Her husband removes her from the asylum only to throw her back in a few days later for trying to strangle her baby.  Dr. Arden, seeking vengeance for her defaming him as a Nazi recommends and follows through with a lobotomy, making for a truly horrifying scene as he drives the spike through her nose.

Aliens abduct Grace and do something to either probe her or impregnate her, the whole alien piece still being incredibly unclear.  She does see Kit’s wife there and attests to the fact that she’s alive as the police come and finally arrest Kit for her ‘murder’.

CHLOE SEVIGNY completes her transformation into a legless, tumorous growling monster and escapes from the asylum (with help from Sister Mary Eunice) only to be found in a schoolyard playground.

**fairly important spoiler alert**

Meanwhile, Dr. Threadson helps Lana escape and takes her to his home where things go south very quickly.  Guess who bloodyface actually is…  First clue?  Dr. Threadson’s lamp shades have nipples.  ZACHARY QUINTO shines in his transformation from the seemingly normal psychiatrist to a complete psychopath.

JESSICA LANGE delivers one of her best performances yet, and finally seems to find the correct fit as a barfly turned nun re-turned barfly.  LILY RABE also continues to be terrific in her role as the demonic nun.

I would rate this week’s AMERICAN HORROR STORY a 3 out of 5, keeping in mind the second half ended up saving the whole thing.  Now that we are out of Anne Frank territory, next week looks to be much more promising.