American Horror Story – Dark Cousin

This week’s recap of AMERICAN HORROR STORY is brought to you late by a severe lack of time and unfortunate backlog of television viewing.


Dark Cousin was a fine episode that suffered a little bit more from its randomness than anything else.  Not quite up to par with the quality of the last one, it was still able to appropriately further the story and introduce a couple of intriguing elements.

More inside!

Dark Cousin bring us guest director MICHAEL RYMER who is most famous for directing the BATTLESTAR GALACTICA series and QUEEN OF THE DAMNED and returning guest star FRANCES CONROY (Moira from season 1 and Ruth from SIX FEET UNDER) as the “Dark Cousin” or Jahad (sp?) the angel of death.

When I call the episode ‘random’, I’m referring to the abrupt introduction of Frances Conroy’s character.  It makes an awful lot more sense than Anne Frank or Santa Claus from next episode (a major wtf moment), but I think it would have been much more coherent if she had been appearing all along.  The character is cool and the effects are done well… it could have used a little more buildup than it received.  Come to think of it, if Frances Conroy’s dark angel completely replaced the alien bit, everything would have a better flow.

Sister Mary Eunice is more than a little distraught when she finds the angel is hanging around.  Keep in mind that the angel and the devil in Eunice are technically cousins (hence the episode title), although not as friendly or polite as family members would normally be concerned.

Kit snaps on his lawyer and escapes capture to try and save Grace who is near death from her alien abduction and the hysterectomy she got from them.  Because aliens have nothing better to do than probe the bejesus out of folks.  He breaks back into Briarcliff and in doing so, lets in one of Dr. Arden’s mutant beasts from the woods.  As he grabs Grace and runs to the exit, the mutant attacks them killing one of the nuns and ends up getting gutted by Kit.  But not before Grace takes a fatal bullet in the chest from the security guard Frank (FREDRIC LEHNE) who severely misinterpreted the situation.

Dr Threadson/Bloodyface moves from kidnap to forcible rape to attempted murder of Lana before she smashes him in the face with a picture frame and makes a run for it.  She just so happens to get in a car with the second-craziest guy in town who shoots himself in the head out of grief and crashes the car into a tree.  Lana wakes back up in Briarcliff to a smiling Sister Mary Eunice.  If it wasn’t for bad luck, she would certainly have none.

JESSICA LANGE delivers one of her best performances so far as more of her past is revealed with the hit and run.  Her confession to the angel of death showed the mostly unseen broken/scared side of Sister Jude and was a great scene overall.  LILY RABE continues to be terrific as we start to see more of her demonic nature.  By the way, the little girl that Jude thought she had killed in the hit and run is still alive.

3.8/5, and I suppose we will see what’s going on with Santa next week…