American Horror Story – Continuum

Jessica-Lange-as-Betty-Drake-in-American-Horror-Story-Asylum-ContinuumJust as things are starting to look positive for Kit, Grace, Lana and some of the other characters, we have this week’s episode of AMERICAN HORROR STORY that screws it all up for them again.

So this one opens up with one giant “what the hell” moment…

Queue up a couple/few years after Kit, Grace and baby come home to find Kit’s wife and other baby on the couch.  They are living in some awkward polygamist threeway with Grace becoming more and more of a hippy obsessed with aliens.  I think my hunch from last week was right… this is some sort of twisted prequel to SISTER WIVES.

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Nevermind their seemingly idyllic existence, Alma randomly (and ironically) ax murders Grace (the ax murderer) seemingly out of jealous rage.  And promptly gets thrown in Briarcliff.  And later dies from unexplained heart failure.

Back at the asylum, Sister Jude, Pepper and the rest of the crazies are playing a rousing game of Candy Land.  Monseigneur Howard tells Jude that he is leaving Briarcliff and converting it to a state facility.  He vows to release her as soon as he is able.  Later that day, the new group of state-incarcerated inmates including Kit’s wife starts filtering in.  The conversion from church run facility to state facility really makes Briarcliff a hellhole with constant rapes and murders happening everywhere.

The new headmistress Dr Miranda Crump tells Jude that Monseigneur Howard has now been a Cardinal for a couple of years, Pepper is dead, and she has been getting in fights with all of her roommates as she hallucinates about the angel of death trying to get her.  So maybe Jude is crazier than we thought.

Lana is at a book signing promoting her new book “Maniac” when she starts having conversations with an imaginary Dr Threadson and Wendy.  Maybe Lana is crazier than we thought too.  Kit shows up to get his copy signed and finds out that Lana had since turned into a pretentious fame-whore.  Kit tells Lana that Jude is still alive contrary to the death certificate Lana had been shown several years earlier.  He also calls her out for not shutting down Briarcliff like she originally intended and instead exploiting it for her own financial gain.

Fast forward to present day-ish and DYLAN MCDERMOTT is looking for the last remaining signed copy of his mother’s book.  He tells the bookstore clerk that his plan is to take the book to his mother and show it to her before he shoots her in the head with his gun effectively fulfilling his father’s work.  So DYLAN MCDERMOTT is exactly as crazy as we thought.

Next Wednesday… the season finale.  Since pretty much everybody else is dead, we only have Lana and her son, Kid and his kids, and Sister Jude/Cardinal Howard to finish stories for.  I’ll call it right now… both Lana and her son end up dead, Cardinal Howard dies somehow, Kid and his kids get reclaimed by the aliens and Sister Jude somehow lives to see another day.  Am I right?  We’ll find out soon.