AMC Orders Pilot for ‘Preacher’

Can PREACHER be the next WALKING DEAD for AMC?  Reports came out this morning that AMC has officially ordered a pilot for the series, possibly being developed by none other than SETH ROGAN (yes, that SETH ROGAN) if we are to believe his recent tweets.

For those of you who are unfamiliar, PREACHER is an excellent comic book series from Vertigo that ran in the back half of the 90’s and starred a small town preacher by the name of Jesse Custer who inadvertently gets possessed by a creature called Genesis who gives him powers which he uses to go out on the road and find god himself.

It’s a sacrilegious, violent, bloody good time and would be an interesting replacement for the now-complete BREAKING BAD and soon-to-be complete MAD MEN, and a logical bedfellow for ratings juggernaut THE WALKING DEAD.  Hopefully AMC can make it more BREAKING BAD than THE WALKING DEAD in terms of long-term repeat quality.

The most important part of making this show (which has been floundering in the Hollywood development circuit for quite some time now) is getting a solid lead to play Jesse.  My vote is WALTON GOGGINS from THE SHIELD and JUSTIFIED fame, I think the guy is a spitting image of the comics.  JON BERNTHAL from THE WALKING DEAD would also be a great choice depending on how his new series MOB CITY fares on TNT.

I sure hope this project actually sees the light of day this time.  You can count on much more news coming out about this project shortly.