Amazon Passes on Zombieland Pilot


Not like I can blame them much…

Based on the content of my previous review, the pilot was awfully sub par (to say the least).  But I am moderately surprised about the pass seeing as there were other people out there in the interwebz who actually found something to enjoy about it.  Major networks pick up enough steaming heaps of garbage on a regular basis, so I half-expected a near immediate series order of it.

After further thought in the days after watching/reviewing, it’s almost a shame to see a series come from such a great movie written by the exact same writers suck so hard.  The issue simply had to be budget, and maybe (just maybe…) if it was picked up by somebody willing to sink more than $1.49 into the actors and special effects it could be better.

But alas, ZOMBIELAND dies on the vine.  Is anybody truly upset?  If you are, just settle down and watch the movie again for the 54th time.

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  1. Midwest Mike // May 16, 2013 at 8:30 pm //

    I was disappointed in the pilot as well especially because it was being written by the same people who did the movie. It goes to show that there is something to be said for budgets and production values.

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