Amazon Fire Makes Me Burn with Rage

Amazon Fire

We post a lot about commercials, good and bad. I’ve been on a tear lately going after Wendy’s because I really hate that red head they are using as the new Wendy. My campaign has done nothing to stop the tide of horror coming from the folks at Wendy’s but that won’t stop me.

I saw this commercial recently and I immediately forgot about all the other commercials I hate. This commercial for the Amazon Fire is right now my #1 most hated commercial on TV. If they were intending on making a commercial that makes you want to buy an Amazon Fire phone, they have failed miserably. If they wanted to make a commercial that forces, yes forces, you to hate kids, they hit that one out of the park.

Check out this commercial for the Amazon Fire


That little boy right? Don’t you want to punch him? Where are his parents? How did they approve this commercial. Did they even ask what their kid would be doing or did they only ask how much money would be going in to their bank account?

I’m sure the stage parents of these two kids think this is just the first of many great things that are going to happen for their satanic spawn. It is a national commercial spot booking after all so hey, big things on the horizon right? That kid has probably got to have a personal security escort with him when he goes to school now. I can’t imagine (yes I can) the beatings that await him if he shows his face at school unescorted.

What will go on their resume? I played douche kid #1 in that Amazon commercial that caused 254,000 broken TV screens because people threw their remotes through them? ¬†On second thought, if I were working for Sony or whoever it is that makes TV’s these days, I would book these two kids immediately. They could be a hidden gem that boosts TV sales.

Amazon Fire