Amanda Bynes Loves Pot

amanda bynes

Amanda Bynes is doing well.  Remember Amanda Bynes?  Cute kid star right?  Well she’s been working hard the last few years to remind you that she is not a kid star any more and she is doing a bang-up job on that front.  She already got booted from her apartment earlier this year for her non-stop weed smoking and now she has lost her gym membership.  She was apparently found smoking weed in the women’s locker room of her Planet Fitness.  When Planet Fitness discovered this illicit drug use, they immediately booted her from the premises and revoked her membership.  I’m happy to see Planet Fitness take such a hard stand because we all know how seriously the gym industry takes drug use.

For Amanda’s part, she claims that she was smoking tobacco and not weed.  I have to believe that if there is anyone that knows the differenc between the smell of tobacco and weed, it would have to be employees of a gym in Brooklyn, NY.  And, even if she is telling the truth, it’s still not cool to just light up in the locker room of a gym.  I know for me, I need all the oxygen I can force in to my lungs when I’m done working out just to keep from passing out.  Smoke of any kind would put me on the floor (to be clear, this is not because I work out so hard, it’s because I am so out of shape and, I haven’t been inside a gym since the Carter administration so really it’s more of a hypothetical situation).

Kudos Amanda Bynes.  You are really doing well.  I wasn’t aware that there was anyone who wanted to take Dana Plato’s place, but you seem to be doing well in your interview for the role.  Next up for Bynes?  A starring role in a movie that is going direct to Cinemax.

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  1. Who knew Planet Fitness took their no “lunkheads” philosophy so seriously.

    • Midwest Mike // April 23, 2013 at 5:34 pm //

      Well we all know if they allow one lunkhead to work out there then soon the place will be full of lunkheads and then what good would their policy be?

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