Almost Human – Series Premiere Review

o-ALMOST-HUMAN-facebookRevisiting my preseason lineup of Top Ten Fall Shows With M.W. Mark (seeing as abbreviated first names are so in these days), SLEEPY HOLLOW turned out to be good for ratings but awfully vanilla to me.  DRACULA took a dive off the ratings deep end and is most likely facing cancellation.  That one is a bit of a shame, it’s not really a great show, but still a good diversion.  I never ended up watching THE BLACKLIST and even though people speak highly of it, I can’t get over how similar it seems to THE FOLLOWING.  HOSTAGES seemed ok, but it never stuck to my DVR.  My number one most anticipated show was MARVEL’S AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. and it turned out to be stunningly mediocre (but improving).  You know it’s telling when ARROW is tick more appealing to me this time around.

So that leaves us with my number 3 pick, ALMOST HUMAN.  Ex-FRINGE teammates J.H. Wyman and J.J. Abrams bring their latest scifi genre show to FOX, and I have been cautiously optimistic about its success for the past several months.  I was afraid that the previews framed it as more of a slapstick buddy-cop show and science fiction shows can be a tough sell to television audiences especially considering the budget constraints can make them look completely ridiculous (ahem, DEFIANCE).

How was it?  Find out inside!

Between last night’s pilot episode and tonight’s normal Monday night timeslot, my fears have officially been put to rest.  ALMOST HUMAN is great, and could be the next big long-term show for FOX as long as the general public continues to agree.  I’m a big fan of KARL URBAN to begin with and he delivers a terrific performance as a rogue future cop who returns to duty after his entire team was killed in an ambush firefight.  In the future, every human cop is teamed up with an android cop and after not ‘getting along’ with his first one (or throwing it out of the car door) he gets paired up with Dorian (played by MICHAEL EALY) who is programmed to be more human-like than the rest of the androids.  Or, “almost human” if you will.

ALMOST HUMAN borrow heavily from its spiritual predecessors like I, ROBOT and BLADE RUNNER with a splash of DREDD (make a sequel already!!!) and a pinch of TOTAL RECALL.  Although you can draw heavy parallels with the prior films, this show easily stands on its own two feet with a perfect mix of action with a not-overdone sense of humor, a believable universe and great visual effects.  I would argue that even those who are allergic to everything scifi will find something to enjoy here.  And MINKA KELLY is hot… so if nothing else, you have that.

I hesitate to give it an A+ only because I want to see what kind of variety the show brings in the long term, but this is the closest thing to a must-watch new series I’ve seen all season.

Did anybody watch the two night premiere?  What are your thoughts?

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  1. Midwest Miller // November 18, 2013 at 10:43 pm //

    A few points…
    1. I do think Almost Human has been good so far and think it can continue to do very well with its story-line and actors.
    2.Sleepy Hallow has,I feel, been actually pretty decent and enjoy watching it each week, despite you saying its “vanilla”
    3.Blacklist-I had low expectations, probably because I actually really like the Following, but other then it has a bad guy helping, the similarities are not there. It has been a great surprise show for me that is top of list on the dvr to watch.
    4. Marvel has been decent. I had highest hopes for this one and not great by any means but it does ok and still is a “must watch” for me

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