Almost Human Now a Toss Up For Renewal

almost humanWe are in danger of losing another good show. I already went on a rant about Brooklyn Nine Nine¬†and I’ll have to do it again because I just read that Almost Human is now a toss up for whether or not it will be renewed.

What do I have to do to get you people out there to watch shows that are on networks other than CBS? Do I have to come to your houses and teach you how to use your remote control to change the channel? Did you flip to CBS and then lose your remote by mistake? We can help you get your remote replaced if that is what is needed. You can’t all seriously be watching all those shows on CBS on purpose so I have to assume that there is some kind of an accident happening that is causing this.

If you are not watching Almost Human, and judging from the ratings you are not, you are missing out on a pretty good show. It’s a cop show that has has some crime analysis so they are trying to dislodge some of you who are stuck on CSI and can’t seem to recognize that there are other shows on TV.

Almost Human stars Karl Urban, you know from The Lord of the Rings movies? You guys like those movies right? He’s Eomer. Pretty cool right? Does that count for anything? No? Well he’s also Bones in the Star Trek reboot. He’s just straight killing it in the nerd world but it doesn’t end there. Karl Urban was also in Riddick so the bro’s should be flocking to Almost Human. For those of you who are CBS fans, Karl Urban was also in the movie Red. Remember that movie? I know it was a few years ago and if you are a fan of CBS your memory might not be that good, but look it up. He was great in it.

Urban stars as Detective John Kennex (almost sounds like Kleenex so again, something CBS fans no doubt can relate to). He’s rough and mean and acts just like the bad-ass Mark Harmon or Marg Helgenberger or whoever is the lead from whichever CSI franchise you like. Det. Kennex lives in the future where androids have advanced to the point of being, now try to follow along here, almost human. Get it? The title of the show relates directly to what is going on in the show. Brilliant right? Just like CSI. Are you hooked yet?

Playing the almost human police officer, who is Det. Kennex’s partner, Michael Ealy and ladies? He’s been on The Good Wife! OMG! He’s been on an honest to god CBS show that women love! How are people not watching Almost Human? Maybe it’s because they didn’t know that Michael Ealy was on the show. I’m here to remove your excuses.

Let’s sum up. Cop show? Check. Stars who have been in things that I believe CBS watchers also like? Check. Ok I think we have something. I wish we could get the show moved to CBS which would guarantee and possibly a name change to The Big Almost Bang Human Theory would guarantee a huge ratings jump for Almost Human.

To the writers and producers of Almost Human. You’re welcome. After the 3 people who read my stuff read this article and instantly become Almost Human fans, you can expect a giant spike in the ratings.

I think I may have just saved Almost Human and with all the other crap (CBS) that is on TV, that’s a good thing.

Almost Human airs on Fox (gasp) Monday’s at 7:00.

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  1. I love Michael Ealy however for me the show has a big Ted Mosby problem in that I really can’t stand the main character played by Karl Urban. Lighten up dude, Minka Kelly has a freaking crush on you. How bad can your life really be?

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