Al Piemonte Passes Away at Age 83

Al Piemonte

Sad news today for all of us from Chicago. Legendary car salesmen Al Piemonte has passed away at the age of 83. There has not been a cause of death released.

Bob Rohrman from the Bob Rohrman Auto Group  told WGN News, “I’ve known Al ever since I came to Chicago in 1985.  I don’t know a dealer anywhere who didn’t look up to Al and admire what he did for the automobile business in Illinois.  He brought new ways of advertising on TV and radio that helped all of us.  We were competitors but we were friends.  My heart goes out to his family.  He was fantastic to the community and to the industry.”

Anyone who has grown up in Chicago knows Al Piemonte. You could not watch TV for any length of time and not see one of his commercials. Here’s a classic Al Piemonte commercial from 1986.

Al Piemonte Ford – 1986

RIP Al Piemonte. You were a Chicago legend. You will be missed.

Al Piemonte