Adventure Time – Season 4 Retrospective

I am not ashamed at all to openly admit my love and admiration for all things ADVENTURE TIME after discovering the show semi-recently on a bordeom induced OnDemand rampage.  At the time (halfway through Season 3) there was alot of episodes to catch up on and digest individually, but after filling in all rerun episodes and finishing out Season 4, I was saddened to think that I would need to wait several months for 5 to start.  Lo and behold, there was only a 2 week gap between seasons (which is totally tops blooby) and Season 5 starts with a double episode tonight!

That gave me renewed hope and a chance to reflect on both the good and bad from Season 4.  The main story arc of Finn and Flame Princess was great overall, and had some genuinely emotional scenes.  Alot of homage was paid to previous episodes and characters, especially in ‘King Worm’ where they take a seemingly random scene from the first season’s ‘Evicted!’ episode and turn it into its own thing.  That is one thing that I love about Adventure Time… it weaves a pretty convincing mythology of its own and never ceases to contribute to it in memorable ways.

Season 4 started very strongly with a good run of episodes, but something happened around the midpoint where they got a little bit redundant.  I wouldn’t say that I disliked any of them per se, but it was obvious that the quality of the past 3 and a half seasons just wasn’t there.  I hope that with Season 5 starting tonight they can redirect some of the momentum back on track.

Can’t-Miss Episodes:

1.  Five Short Graybles – Probably the best episode of the season, five super short stories that weave into one.

2.  Return to the Nightosphere/Daddy’s Little Monster – A 2-episode adventure into the nightosphere

3.  In your Footsteps – Finn and Jake make friends with a bear

4.  Burning Low – the Bacon Pancakes song is enough to call this one of the best

5.  I Remember You – A surprisingly touching episode exploring more of the Ice King’s backstory with Marceline.

Avoidable Episodes:

1.  Dream of Love:  Not a big fan of Tree Trunks in the first place, the song is too melodramatic for the show

2.  You Made Me:  A little bit of Lemongrab: funny.  A lotta bit of Lemongrab:  Irritating.

3.  Sons of Mars:  Abraham Lincoln comes back from the original Pilot, but the episode was weak overall

Any other Adventure Time fans out there?  Did I miss any of your favorite Season 4 moments??


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  1. I Love this show and I believe season 3 and 4 had most of their best episodes. I actually loved Sons of Mars, but that’s just me. “I Remember You, Mortal Folly, and What Was Missing” come to mind as my favourites. King Worm as well

    • Midwest Mark // December 16, 2012 at 10:09 pm //

      Thanks for stopping by! I don’t find a whole lot of fellow Adventure Time fans ‘around the office’, so it’s good to find them around the ‘net.

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