Adam Ruins Everything

If you’re like me, Adam Ruins Everything is a show you’ve never heard of before.  I happened upon it just last week late, late one night after having watched everything (except Code Black, cause I really don’t get the whole Marcia Gay Harden thing).

The host of the show is Adam Conover, a stand-up comedian who has been working a few years at College Humor.  The show is apparently an extension of a series of episodes produced by College Humor with the same name.

According to Adam himself, the premise is actually quite simple.  Every week they will examine something beloved from your world and tell you why it’s all crap.  See, simple.

What channel does this magical debunking of things you love appear on you ask.  It’s on Tuesday’s at 9 on Tru TV.  If you’re unfamiliar with Tru TV it’s probably time you got acquainted as this is not their first good show. They have already given us both Impractical Jokers and The Carbonaro Effect which are both really good and funny shows.

The episode I happened to catch was about how the car industry has basically ruined the country.  I also just watched another episode about how pointless the TSA is and that their main function is to give us the appearance of being safe not in actually making us safe.

Normally, I can’t stand hipster looking dudes but there’s something different about this guy.  Maybe it’s as simple as he has a job, I don’t know, but I find him kind of amusing.  Plus the information provided is both educational and at times startling.

I’m not saying it’s the greatest show out there, but it does get an 8.8 rating on IMDB which puts it in the ranks of shows like Seinfeld and The Office.  It’s set to record on my DVR is alls I’m saying.

Here’s some clips of the show (FYI, these are from College Humor, the ones on TV are don’t have the same language and is safe for kids):