Adam Carolla’s Catch a Contractor

adam carollaI just did a story yesterday about a funny “feud” between Adam Carolla and Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston and today there is more news for Carolla.  Spike TV has picked up a new show starring Adam Carolla called Catch a Contractor.

The show will be a 30 minute unscripted show hosted by Carolla who will serve as a watch dog looking for shady and dishonest contractors.  For those who don’t know, before he became famous, Carolla worked as a carpenter so he has the ability to spot shoddy work right away and he calls contractors out for their terrible work on his show.  Along with fellow contractor Skip Bedell and investigator Amy Bedell, the trio track down the bad contractors and make them return to the scene of the crime to fix and finish their work.

Spike has ordered 10 episodes of the show which begins production this fall with a premiere of spring 2014.