ABC Please Get Taylor Swift for the Bachelorette

taylor swift and harry stylesWhen I read the news that Taylor Swift had already broken up with her boyfriend Harry Styles, I thought to myself, that poor girl just can’t find love.  Actually, what I thought was look out world, here comes another album from her and I’m sure Harry will be singing a song with his boy band about having long hair interspersed with lyrics about how Taylor is in the sack.

Now I am as upset as anyone that poor Ms. Swift is having such a difficult time in the love department.  Lord knows she has sure tried.  Go to Google and start to search for “how many boyfriends has Taylor Swift had” and guess what?  Watch how fast Google guesses what you are searching for.  Anyway, she has been busy.  She is clearly looking for love and her failures keep piling up like stacks of cordwood.

What are we as simple Americans to do about this problem?  Well, never let it be said that we here at MWTVG are not idea men.  Midwest Mo actually suggested it in his around the web post from today and having just started watching The Bachelor myself, I thought that his idea was a great one that we needed to get to work on immediately.

We need to get Taylor Swift on ABC’s The Bachelorette.  There is really no other solution.  We know that one of the best ways for people to find love is to either be on The Bachelor or on The Bachelorette.  We can all watch together as she courts her suitors in romantic date after romantic date and we can all rejoice when she finds her true love.

We have many readers here at MWTVG.  The power of us the many can force ABC to take action to get Taylor Swift on The Bachelorette.  To that end, we have created a petition to make ABC take notice.  We as Americans can’t just sit idly by and watch poor Taylor Swift founder in relationship after relationship.  We need to get her help.  The Bachelorette is the help she needs.

Sign the petition today and do your part, no, your civic duty, to help Taylor Swift find the love she so richly deserves.  If you don’t help, you are going to be partly responsible for her next album and can you really live with yourself with that kind of guilt?

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