ABC (Finally) Sets Air Date for 666 Park Avenue

urlAttention all you 666 PARK AVENUE fans out there (including yours truly), after cancelling the show midstream and savagely yanking it with only four episodes to go, ABC has finally set an official date for the return of the final episodes.

Bear in mind from my previous review, the last four episodes were quite good and culminated to a satisfying conclusion.  Certainly worth tuning in for.  You will also be treated to one of the best characters of the entire series played by (the now-official friend of MWTVG) RICHARD SHORT.  You’ll know who I’m talking about when you see him.

Along with 666 PARK AVENUE, ABC is also briefly bringing back the other season flunkie ZERO HOUR which starts back to back on June 15th before being joined by 666 PARK AVENUE on June 22nd.

Please show some love to this ‘little show that could’.  As far as I’m concerned, it was severely underrated and should have gotten much more attention than it received.