ABC Expands Orders for 7 Series

abc expands orders

If you are a fan of shows on ABC, you are about to get more of what you love. ABC announced today that they were expanding the season orders of 7 of their current shows.

Grey’s Anatomy, Modern Family, The Middle, Black-ish, and The Goldbergs all had their orders bumped bringing each of their totals to 24 episodes for the season. Castle received an order for just 1 more episode which brought it’s total to 23 and the show that Midwest Mo loves, Resurrection, gets one more episode bringing it’s total to 14.

Great. You can get that news anywhere. What you come here for is the hard hitting analysis of a professional TV writer like myself. So here it is.

Great news for Black-ish and The Goldbergs. Those are two of my favorite comedies on TV right now. If you are not watching either of those shows, you are making a big mistake. Black-ish could be the next huge family comedy and The Goldbergs is fantastic for Generation X parents and their families.

I’m a bit surprised at the extra order for The Middle. That show has completely gone to Hawaii™ and the ratings have it on the bubble of getting cancelled. Bumping it up to 24 total episodes either means that ABC has real faith in the show or they just don’t have anything else to put in it’s place. I’m going with the latter since this is ABC and they don’t ever have faith in any of their shows.

I’m not surprised at all by them bumping up the order for Grey’s Anatomy. That is on Shonda Rhymes night on ABC. They can’t have that show not being there despite the fact that it sucks harder than one of those fancy Dyson vacuum cleaners. They are going to keep Grey’s Anatomy on the air until each one of the doctors has actually died of natural causes if they can.

I’m not surprised either at the additional order for Modern Family. That is their most successful show. They would run that 7 nights a week if they could. They have gone to Hawaii™ and are heading downhill rapidly, but people are still watching so they are going to put it on the air as much as they can.

As for Resurrection getting another episode? I refer you to the previous point about The Middle. I just don’t think they have anything to put in the line up if they kill Resurrection. The show deserves to die (and not to come back to life) but other than Shonda Rhymes stuff, they don’t have much in the way of 1 hour dramas. I think they are stuck with it for now and are going to ride it out no matter what.

That leaves Castle. I find it a bit odd that they ordered just 1 more episode of the show. I’m not sure what that is about because the ratings are ok, it’s somewhat popular among women (which seems to be the only group watching ABC now), and it’s been around for a while now and is well known. Star Nathan Fillion had a contract dispute with ABC prior to production of the current season asking for more money. This could be ABC’s way of taking a shot back at him. I suspect that their order of just 1 episode has more to do with behind the scenes politics than anything to do with ratings.

I’m concerned about a show that I really enjoy, Forever. ABC did order 3 additional episodes to try and give it more time but so far no other news has come out from ABC on a decision to buy the rest of the season or to keep it for next year. Forever is a good show that I enjoy. I’m hoping that the 3 more episodes allow the audience to solidify and show ABC that they should keep it.

We’ll see.

abc expands orders