ABC Cancels Last Resort and 666 Park Avenue

ABC has cancelled 1st year dramas LAST RESORT and 666 PARK AVENUE.  We at MWTVG are upset by this move as we are fans of both shows.  We attempted to use our power for good by trying to influence the viewing public in to actually going and watching these shows to save them.  We were not successful.  That happens often with good shows since America has a tendency to like things that are incredibly stupid that require very little brain power like 2 BROKE GIRLS or THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF __________.

The problem for both of these dramas is that they aired on ABC and not CBS.  ABC is a network that will cancel things that they think are not doing well.  They believe in giving something a shot but not holding on too long if they don’t see the kind of numbers they want.  CBS on the other hand?  They won’t cancel anything.  They just make the laugh track louder.

LAST RESORT for example, is averaging 7.3 million total viewers a week.  2 BROKE GIRLS is averaging 9 million.  Should that get LAST RESORT cancelled?  At ABC it does.  If this show were on CBS, they would be running commercials finding a way to call it TV’s #1 new drama about submarines.

666 PARK AVENUE didn’t have the viewership that LAST RESORT had, it averaged just 5 million viewers an episode, it was airing at the difficult 9pm Sunday night slot.  This show was competing against Sunday Night Football which is a ratings behemoth.  In fact, football is Sunday’s #1 show and it’s the most watched show of the entire week.  Drawing 5 million viewers against football isn’t too bad considering that 666 PARK AVENUE is really aimed at a male audience.  Killing it so quickly might be a mistake but ABC doesn’t ever look back. When they kill a show, they move on.

Both LAST RESORT and 666 PARK AVENUE will continue airing until they finish their 13 episode run but no more will air after that.  ABC has yet to decide what they will air in place of these shows and they have yet to announce their mid-season line-up.  When they make their announcement, we will be sure to let you know.