A Word to the Wise – Blu Ray Sales!

Being a fiercely dedicated columnist for MWTVG, I obviously love me some TV.  But being as multifaceted as I can possibly be, there is more to life than TV.  Like movies.  And hamburgers.  And the blu-ray format.  And I’m especially a sucker for really good deals.

Combining the majority of the above, there is no better two-week stint for good deals than the next two, with pre-Black Friday, Black Friday, post-Black Friday and Cyber Monday looming on the horizon.  I am always looking for good deals on blu-rays like a vulture circling for prey which is why I want to point you, our dear readers towards some especially good deals this week at Best Buy.

They have several seasons of great shows on Blu-ray for 11.99, including THE WALKING DEAD, JUSTIFIED, BREAKING BAD, THE OFFICE and HOUSE.  I just got back from picking up several.  It looks like Amazon has price-matched most of them just in case you don’t want to get up off the couch.

This is pretty much the lowest price you can get them for without physically stealing them. I will be keeping an eye out for other good deals and update as necessary.

Don’t say MIDWEST MARK never did anything for you.