A Twist To And Now You Know…

As many of you know, we periodically like to feature a Midwestern actor to demonstrate to the rest of the country that acting is not all that hard and that even people from the Midwest can do it.

Today, I want to feature an actor that, as of right now, I am glad is NOT FROM THE MIDWEST.

  Brad Pitt

Generally, MIDWEST MIKE comments on commercials and there have been some classics.  Who can forget Callous Clear, Flo from Progressive, or Claire Forlani from Dewars.

Today, I would like to jump in the mix with the following commercial:

So Brad got paid $7 million to appear in commercials for Chanel No.5.  Who in the hell green lighted this commercial.  The SNL parody is more believable.  Here’s a Forbes article making fun of the commercial.

So, congratulations Oklahoma (Pitt’s birthplace), he’s all yours.  Incidentally, I believe this commercial answers the question of to whether he is a steer or queer, as that is what comes from that part of the country apparently.