A Slight Diversion… James Bond Style

I am fully aware that the main idea of being a Midwest TV Guy is the TV, but bear in mind that Midwest TV Guys are also GUYS, so I would be entirely remiss to not draw attention to guy-centric greatness in whatever form of moving picture it appears.

The newest JAMES BOND movie was released this weekend, and I freshly return from the theater to report it is every bit as good as the hype surrounding it.  Being an avid fan of all things James Bond, SKYFALL firmly places itself among the best films in the series, if not taking top honors all together.  DANIEL CRAIG continues his extreme dominance of the role, JAVIER BARDEM is outstanding, JUDI DENCH is terrific and everything is wrapped tight and delivered with a spot-on script and storyline that was clearly unaffected by the writers strike which befell QUANTUM OF SOLACE.

In a time where Hollywood is all about keeping safe with regurgitation of sequels and reboots, this is one rebooted sequel absolutely worth your time and dollar.  Any fan of the franchise will deeply appreciate the re-classic-ation (not a word, but roll with it) of the series, and I am very happy to hear that Daniel Craig signed on for two more films.